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how to store perfume

How to Store Perfume: Preserving the Bottled Beauty

Have you just bought a perfume bottle and that too is your favorite? So you think it will last for longer? How to store perfume? If not then you need to find a solution for the same. Because this is the common problem is that they don’t last for a longer time. Another thing is that the perfumes need to be taken care of so that they don’t lose their original fragrance. These things are to be taken care of. Do you know that alcohols and oils in fragrances break down in the presence of their mortal opponents – heat, humidity, and light? Here are ways to store perfume. 

Now the question is that you need to make sure that you are keeping the perfumes with proper care so that they can result in long-lasting. But, the thing is that you might be unaware of how to take care of them. Don’t worry because this is the guide for all those who love to keep their perfumes with them for a long period so that they do not get lost. You need to understand how to store fragrances.

I am going to share tips and tricks that will give you the best ideas for how to store perfume with care. These are the best ways to store perfume.

Tips on How to Store Perfume

Well, let me share some of the tips with you that I tried myself to store my perfumes. They are worth trying. These are the best ways that can help you to store your fragrances for a longer time. 

  1. The dimmer the sounder – Direct daylight is a great no-no for perfumes. When you wear them during the light or just keep them out they tend to change their original scent. So pick a darker area like your wardrobe, and in the drawer or you can even keep them in between your clothes. This is the most significant of scent tips that you ought to keep in mind. It will help you prevent the original odor of the perfumes.
  2. The lower the heat, the more adequate your aromas – Here you just need to make sure that you are keeping the perfumes away from the heat. Find a perfect location for them so that they can be kept in cool surroundings so that they can be protected from heat. This stated extreme temperatures are not good for them, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep them in the freezer, because this will even induce degradation of the scent. Some people store them in the refrigerator but for this, you just need to make sure that you keep them away from the food. There are chances that it may absorb the odor of food like cheese or butter. 
  3. Bottles for your scent – How many of you like to display bottles of perfumes on the dressing table? I think there are many of us. The bottles especially have attractive designs and are capable of attracting people visiting our home. These bottles give a wonderful look when they are seen and the colorful liquid in them is another thing that grabs the attention of us.
  4. A dry place is the key – What happens is we try to make space for the bottles in the bathroom so that we can use them just after the shower. But do you know that it breaks the scent of the perfume because of the humidity? You need to find a place that is away from the steam. You can place it in the closet. But still, it is recommended not to store the perfumes in the bathroom. 
  5. Transmit with care – As far as possible buy fragrances that come in airtight bottles, but still if you want to transfer them then you need to use them with care. You can pick an opaque glass bottle. Make sure that you do it quickly so that it does not break the bottle. Plus do this task carefully so that you don’t end up wasting your perfume. 
  6. Don’t leave the top off for long – When using perfume, put the cap on it as soon as possible so that the perfume does not run away. All these things are essential so that you can protect it from the external surroundings. So this is one of the most important points that you need to keep in mind once you use the bottle of perfume put on the top quickly. 
  7. Don’t jiggle the perfumes– This isn’t an expectation that you are shaking the perfumes so that you can use them. It is not suggested to shake the perfume before you use it. These things are common and you must understand that shaking can spoil the original scent of the perfumes. If you don’t want to waste your perfume then you need to avoid this thing. Just handle it with proper care so that there is no need for you to buy it again and again. 
  8. Cleanse any applicators that you utilize– Sometimes scents don’t arrive in a spray bottle, and rather you just need to go for the alternatives like a roll-on or applicator wand. If this happens then there are chances that dirt gets collected in the liquid. That is why it becomes even more essential for you to keep the applicators clean before you use them. This will help you to keep the liquid of the perfume clean and lasting original scent. 


These are some of the essential pointers that you need to take care of while you are getting the perfumes for yourself. These 8-pointers on how to store perfume will help you to give the best results for your odor. You will be able to store the perfume for a long period and use them. All these things are essential to follow so that there is no need to buy the perfumes again from the market.

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