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PowerPoint presentation

Tips to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Template Stand Out!

PowerPoint presentation template remains a staple in the majority of organizations. There are so many organizations that still take PowerPoint as their main source to have an engaging interaction with their audience. But still, some people face difficulty when they are in the process of making a presentation. Let me make you aware of a fact that:

PowerPoint presentation template

PowerPoint (PPT) presentations can be the secret weapon that transforms a straightforward investment proposition, internal knowledge update, or sales document into something impossible to ignore.

There are an almost infinite number of methods to use a PPT presentation template if you are using the Envato Elements. This is a platform that can provide you with various choices to pick from.

When you are making the PowerPoint presentation you need to make it innovative enough so that it can grab the attention of the viewers. Also, you must include that the PPT should have video and graphics so that it can have the attention of listeners.

PPT design advice for design-savvy businesses. Refrain from using the ‘Dissolve’ transition and hold fire on the eighth bullet point. PowerPoint has all the design features and capabilities you could require, but that does not mean you must use them.

Employ Text Sparingly.

PowerPoint is intended to fuel your presentation. It is intended to be a visual aid that supports your argument. Why do so many individuals insist on filling their presentations with text?

The text you include in your presentation should differ from what you say aloud. Use text to emphasize key points or provide additional context for your speech quickly.

Observe the 6×6 Rule

One of the most frequent issues we observe in PowerPoint presentations is an excessive amount of text, typically accompanied by the presenter reading the same words aloud. Not what PowerPoint is intended for.

The rule of thumb for determining how much text to include per slide is the 6×6 rule. There should not be more than six lines of text on each slide, with no more than six words per line. This helps to reinforce your key points instead of distracting your audience with a novel to read on the screen.

Keep Your Writing Legible.

This may appear to be an obvious PowerPoint design strategy, but how often have you been compelled to sit through a presentation? It may lend some personality to your presentation, but it is not professional.

Any text that makes it onto your presentation should be of an appropriate size and font to accomplish its purpose

Make Singular Statements

Remove any text that requires more than a couple of seconds to read. Because when your audience is engaged in reading, they are not attentive to you.

For your message to be effective, you must maintain your audience’s attention. Use uncomplicated, single sentences instead of paragraphs, and consider using a bullet point format.

Observe the Normal Reading Order

The majority of Western languages are written from left to right.

You are currently doing so as you scan this article!

Ensure that your PowerPoint design is considerate of skimmers by placing the most important words at the beginning of each sentence and displaying titles in a larger font, to the upper left of your primary text.

Keep Presentation Design Basic

It is advantageous to be attractive. It appears to be appealing. But what determines the quality of a PowerPoint presentation has more to do with graphic design than with illustration.

In a PowerPoint presentation, texture and clarity are required, and you can get them with the help of Envato Elements. Design a fundamental design template and use it for every single presentation. This makes it easier for your audience to comprehend your presentation because they can glance in the same places on each slide.

Avoid Overuse of Special Effects

PowerPoint is loaded with really interesting features and special effects, but if you use too many, Consider transitions and animations as you would any other component of your slide presentation. Employ them sparingly, so that when you do use a text fly-in or a unique transition, it serves a purpose.

Employ High-Quality Images.

It is time to abandon clip art. We’ve all seen built-in, generic clip art images a million times by this point. Not only are we sick of seeing them, but they have virtually no effect.

Images used in a presentation should be of the highest quality. This requires having pertinent meaning and sufficient resolution. Simply try out the slide on the projector if you’re dubious about whether or not an image will work. Does it pixelate? If the text is removed from the presentation, can the visual still convey the message? It’s preferable to err on the side of caution!

Maintain Everything Pertinent

In terms of relevance, a slideshow should serve as a supporting tool for your primary message. It is a technique for facilitation, and the design is not intended to occupy the Centre stage.

Therefore, everything in your PowerPoint presentation should be pertinent to the points you’re attempting to make. Each image, piece of text, transition, and animation should complement your message.

Have No Fear of “Empty” Space

Similar to silence in a conversation, too many individuals hurry to occupy the void. In a PowerPoint presentation template, this creates a cluttered, perplexing chart layout that distracts from the intended message.

Reduce Your Use of Color.

When it comes to your color palette, less is more.

Bright colors can capture the audience’s attention, but too many can be overwhelming. Multicolored text makes it more difficult to comprehend, particularly at a distance. For optimal readability, use either dark text on a light background or light text on a dark background.

The majority of businesses will have design guidelines for their official documentation. This frequently signifies appropriate color schemes for any B2B communication, such as PowerPoint presentations.

Accelerate page load times with optimized images. Waiting for a slide to display will inevitably disrupt the flow of your presentation.

Before you realize it, you’re attempting to fill the silence with meaningless chatter or a horrible joke. This is not only extremely uncomfortable for all parties involved, but it can also undermine your message.

It may be tempting to simply drag and drop images from your desktop or the web into your PowerPoint presentation template. However, this straightforward approach could be your undoing, as the slideshow becomes cluttered with excessively high-resolution images and large file sizes. We suggest optimizing pictures for the presentation design with the help of Envato Elements.


I assure you that you won’t regret the options you are getting there. Making a presentation with the help of this is very simple you will be able to get the desired PPT. I assure you that you can grab the attention of the listeners and grab their attention towards the attractive PPT.

I am sure with various options you will be able to get the best designs for your PowerPoint presentation and grab the attention of the users or clients.

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