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First Impression Matters: How to Dress for First Date

I was in college when I had my first date, I was very excited about it. But when I opened my closet I landed up in a situation where I was unable to find a perfect outfit for myself that can give me an eye-catching look. best outfits, I asked my friend about it and she shared with me different ideas from my closet to have a glancing look. If you are facing the same issue then here are some best outfits that you can select for yourself to make your first date special. 

Here are different outfits that you can try out for yourself that suit your body shape. Remember, what you wear decides the way you address yourself in front of someone. Get ready to explore some fabulous outfits for yourself from the list I am going to provide you. If you want to impress your partner try on these looks which grab his attention and make your date night more romantic. 

What to Wear on a Casual Date

The first thing is to know what place you are going to so that you can dress accordingly. If you are going on a casual date then you can choose to wear jeans and a stylish top (crop, strapless, or net) with shoes or boots which suit your style look so that you can look impressive. If you want you can add a layer of jacket as well to have a smarter look. I recommended the same attire to my friend and she had an attractive look which attracted the attention of all the passersby. For accessories, you can choose according to your outfit. 

Outfit to Wear for Evening Date

To make your evening dates more romantic you can try a midi dress which can express your look. With this, you can try out heels or boots as they can enhance your look. I wore this outfit when I went on the first date and I must tell you it was looking so fabulous and I grabbed a lot of attention. I wore light makeup and a bracelet and watch to give a complete look. If you are going on an evening date, you can try this look. 

What to Wear on First Date: Best 5 Outfits 

Blazer + Jeans

For this, you need 

  • Your best Blazer
  • Casual T-Shirt
  • Jeans

If you don’t want to wear stuffy clothes you can wear a blazer with denim Jeans to give you the best look for yourself. You can wear casual shoes or sleek sandals with a clutch bag. With this, you can have a complete look. 

Dress + Flats

For this, you need 

  • Clutch 
  • statement dress
  • Shoes 

It is a perfect look for a springtime date. You just need a statement dress for yourself with white shoes which can make you look complete. This combination is ever ready to wear if you are getting late. I have seen a lot of girls wearing this outfit on the first date. If you think of adding an extra layer you can go leather jacket to give yourself an elegant look. Even I prefer this look because it gives me a unique style and fills me with confidence. 

Jeans + Blouse

For this, you need 

  • Your best Jeans
  • Fancy Blouse
  • Heels

If you want an easy look for yourself you can go for a pair of denim jeans and a stylish blouse from your closet and a pair of heels which make you comfortable. With this, you can keep a small purse or a clutch with you to give it a fantastic look. I recommended this look to my friend and it gave me a dashing and gorgeous look

Knit + Skirt

For this, You need a 

  • Slim-fit knit
  • Skirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Clutch

Coming to a more fabulous look. You can consider wearing a flattering skirt with a cute knit and a pair of heels to give it the best look. With this, you can carry a pair of sunglasses to enhance your look. Those who all like to wear skirts and feel comfortable can go for this look. 

Dress + Block Heel

For this, you need

  • Midi Dress
  • Block Heel 
  • Crossbody Bag

Some dates for evening dinners can be made special by wearing a midi dress with a pair of block heels. You can choose a dress with classic cuts and a bag to give a stylish look. You can choose a printed or plain dress for yourself that makes you comfortable. 

What you should not wear on First Date

When it comes to date, I would recommend all my readers:

  • Do not wear too high heels because they can sprain your legs. 
  • Remember to choose an outfit that makes you more confident. 
  • Choose the attire that can make you enjoy your date night


Here is my complete collection of ideas. that can help you to decide what to wear and what not to wear while you are on the first date. Remember that confidence is the key and you should always choose attire that makes you more relaxed so that you can enjoy your date. 

Dates can be more romantic if you try the best color combination for yourself. I would recommend all my readers to go for a red color outfit as it can give you a hot look and by this, you can have an eye-catching look for yourself.

Young Girls! Are you ready to enjoy your date with the best look? Choose your favorite outfit and have fun.

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