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Messy Wardrobe

Struggling With a Messy Wardrobe? Problem Solved!

The wardrobe is one thing that we use every day. Whether it is to take out some formal clothes for an important business meeting or to look for your pajamas on a lazy Sunday, none of us can do without a messy wardrobe.

However, there has never been much talk about how important it is to utilize our wardrobe space to the fullest. No one knows how to keep it organized but not waste too much time doing it either. 

What all of us need to understand and accept is that maintaining a closet that is organized will always remain a process. This is because the items that we keep in our wardrobes are always changing and evolving. However, it is exhausting to start afresh every time you go shopping and buy something new. Piling up clothes on your bed, sorting them by category, and then organizing them in the wardrobe hoping to not make it messy this time is a tedious and time taking process.

Are you one of those who has to muster up the courage to dedicate a full day to wardrobe cleaning? Do you also feel like you are wasting unnecessary time only just trying to find the clothes you want to wear? Does your wardrobe also not have every clothing item that you own right in front of your eyes every time you open the messy wardrobe?

You have come to the right blog. Below are some curated tips by experts who talk about how easy it is to keep our wardrobes clean and decluttered. All we have to do is implement these tips.

Decluttering Your Wardrobe

Find a Reason

If you do not have a purpose as to why you are taking out time to organize your closet, then you are going to stay messy forever. Be clear on why you want to do this. Is it to make more space for clothes or so that you have easy access to all your clothes? Once you know why you are doing what you are doing, the process of doing it will become easier and more enjoyable. Organizing the closet is one of the most important things that you need to do regularly. If you do not find a reason at an appropriate time, then it is for sure that your job will remain unorganized.


Let us tell you the right way to categorize it. Make small categories that are easy to sort. For example, jeans, home clothing, office wear, traditional wear, etc. Make sub-sections if needed. For example, your jeans can be further divided into formal and informal, This will also make you wear what you own, and if there is something you need to go out and buy. Once you take out clothes and categorize them this way, you will not have to repeat this activity every other week or as frequently as you do now.

This is just an example, you can keep your clothes accordingly. And that too according to your pattern of sections. You can take out several sections according to your choice. Just remember that when you are arranging the clothes regularly, you need to keep them in their perfect place so that they do not get disorganized again and again.

Increase Storage

If you think that you own a lot of clothes for that to fit into your existing wardrobe, do not hesitate to spend some extra money. To make the process more efficient, you can add extra space. A hanging drawer or a stick-on hook for you to hang belts is a good investment. This is a very important thing. You need to organize your closet in such a way that it has maximum storage. If you think that one wardrobe is not enough for you, you can go for another cabinet where you can keep all the extra items in that particular set of closets.

Take Your Time

There is no rush. If you rush the process, the frequency of your messing up will also increase. Make sure you take everything into account. Messy Wardrobe, From the clothes you have not worn in months to the clothes that have the potential of getting donated, categories everything. Once you are done sorting, study your wardrobe and give every category its own space. If you’re busy don’t try to organize your closet because you’ll end up messing it up again.

Just take a break when you are free or taking a nap. You need to gear up some energy so that you can organize your closet in a required period. Ensure that you are keeping all the clothes in a proper place. If some clothes need ironing or washing, keep them away so that they do not mess with other clothes. Once you are done with all this stuff, start arranging them into proper order and according to the sections that you have decided.


These are some of the steps that you need to take care of while you are arranging your wardrobe. Make sure that you have enough time to do all this stuff. It requires patience and hard work. If you are lazy or busy, then you should skip this task for the next time. Another important thing is that, once you arrange your closet, you need to do it regularly, at least once a month, because it usually happens that the closet again, gets disorganized. These are some of the steps that you might need to follow regularly if you find that your wardrobe needs attention.

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