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10 Beautiful Lavender Color Combinations for a Modern Home : Lavender Complementary Color

10 Beautiful Lavender Color Combinations for a Modern Home : Lavender Complementary Color

Lavender, ‘the fairy-tale color’ represents serenity and calmness. It brings out a feeling of tranquillity. Many homeowners in the US choose this color to enhance their living space. Colors can transform your home. And the color lavender can easily turn your home into a cozy living space with lavender complementary color. One can incorporate lavender into their home in various ways. With all these things they even go with the fabulous canvas option from Great Big Canvas so that you can have a wonderful appearance for your home. lavender complementary color

If you are here and reading this article, you are in for an entertaining journey to discover some of the most beautiful lavender color varieties. Through these, you can discover the most suitable lavender color blend that suits your character and anticipations. Whether you are seeking a contemporary home or a traditional living space, we are here to help! Well, I suggest some of the best canvas combinations like Coastal Marsh, Net Neutral II, Leaf Branch Triptych II, The Swirls Of Marble Or The Ripples Of Agate, Crane Japanese 2, and many more options for your home.

Let’s solve the problem of what colors go with lavender complementary color. 

Ideas For Lavender Complementary Color 

White and Lavender Colour Combinations 

This classic white and lavender color combination will not only look elegant in your room but will also make it more soothing. Using a white and lavender combination is the ultimate option for bedrooms. For instance, you can use lavender walls with white interiors. The balance between lavender and white will bring peace and harmony into your home.

If you prefer a more sophisticated home, then this white and lavender color combination is the one that you should choose. With this add your favorite pieces of canvas like Blue Burst II, The Skiff (La Yole) By Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Dark Rose Arrangement II, Watercolor Everglade II, Spring Bouquet By Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and many more. 

Mint and Lavender Colour Combinations

Another charming combination that will give your home a playful aura is mint and lavender. This will add a touch of green and bring a sense of nature to your home. Adding a few planters will also bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home. And as it blends with lavender, your home will be stunningly decorated. You can incorporate this color combination into your balcony, powder room, and also in the shower. You can various styles of canvas from Great Big Canvas

Blue and Lavender Colour Combinations 

Though they belong to the same color palette, using them together can be a magnificent choice. While lavender brings a sense of calm, blue brings compassion and cheerfulness. This combination greatly enhances your creativity. One can incorporate this combination into their study. To enhance the mood, use a light of blue with dark lavender. This combination will accentuate a serene vibe in your home. This is one of my favorite color combinations and you can get various options for the canvas. I prefer to choose Another White Blossom II, October Moment II, The Skiff (La Yole) By Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and some more paintings from the store. 

Lavender and Charcoal Colour Combinations

To bring the calmness of lavender and versatility of charcoal together one has to be brave. Some of us get intimidated by this combination. But when used properly, they can be a great color scheme. This a great color scheme on which you can pick various paintings from Great Big Canvas. While lavender brings out a sense of purity, charcoal brings out aristocracy and confidence. It depends on where you want to incorporate this combination. For instance, you can use it in your home office and your living room. This can be a statement piece of your home. 

Pink and Lavender Colour Combinations

Though both of them belong to the same family, they make an ultimate contrast if put together. Pink brings back childhood, playfulness and lavender brings out class. It’s a very good choice to decorate your girl’s room. Use a soft tone of lavender with a pretty pink for a beautifully harmonized room. However, you may decorate any room with the same combination. 

Lavender and Purple Colour combinations

Purple is nothing but the darker shade of lavender. But they complement each other very graciously. Using them together can make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Incorporate this color scheme into your hallway, your guest room, or your living room. Add a touch of golden hue to make it even more magical. One can enhance the interior by incorporating some sling chandeliers in the space. Let me help you with some great ideas for canvas like Dark Rose Arrangement II and Spring Bouquet By Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Peach and Lavender Colour Combinations

You can transform your home into a cozy retreat with a peach and lavender color combination. Together they create something neat and visually appealing. You can use this combination anywhere in your home to bring serenity and tranquillity. Use a darker shade of lavender in the background and peach in the center. This peach and lavender color combination can be your best choice as it brings out your soft personality. 

Monochromatic Lavender Colour Combinations

A monochromatic color palette brings absolute bliss to one’s eyes. Using different shades of this beautiful hue can create magic in your home. Not only will it be elegant, but it will also create a sense of calmness in your heavenly abode. It will certainly grace every corner of your home. You can use it in your living space or your kitchen. This combination will bring soulfulness into your home. You pick some best pieces of canvas to decorate the walls of the rooms from Great Big Canvas


Lavender is such a soothing color to decorate a home in the US. It will not only calm your mind but will give your home a serene atmosphere with a lavender complementary color. Your home personifies your taste and personality. Make it lovely or cosy but build it according to your unique taste. Synchronizing various colors and some best canvas paintings so that you can give a fabulous appearance from Great Big Canvas

This vibrant hue will make your living space look elegant. You can make your space more lively and beautiful by incorporating this stunner. As we explore these marvelous combinations, hope you find your inspiration to make your home more homely!

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