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different types of bags

Carry in Style: A Guide to Choose Different Types of Handbags

Bags are something that are very essential accessories for all of us. We just can’t ignore them. Do you believe the same? I hope so because they are bags that help us to carry so many things all around. They give us the comfort of putting things in our bags so that we can remain stress-free. Being a woman carrying a bag is one of the most important things that is essential. We have so many things to organize especially when we are going out. Here are different types of bags that you can take along with you. 

But the problem is what are the best types of bags to carry all around. But you know what, this is not as big a problem as it seems. You can simply choose the bag and carry it comfortably. around the places. But what is the main issue here? The problem is that many of them are not aware of the different types of bags. The key is to choose the perfect bag for yourself so that you can keep all your things. 

So let’s dig in some of the best pairs of different types of handbags so that you can enjoy shopping for different types of bags that you might need in your collection. 

Different Types of Bags

There are different types of bags if we look into the market or online stores. That is why there is a situation where you might face confusion. So let me help you understand the various types of handbags so that you can identify the best types of bags for women. 

  1. Tote Bags: These bags are generally immense, which makes them ideal bags so that we can carry our day-to-day items like notebooks, books, and lunch. They have long straps so that we can carry them over the shoulder and this makes them even more comfortable to carry all around. 
  2. Shoulder Bags: These bags are less than tote bags but always offer a quantity of area for holding your necessities. This kind of bag is very simple to carry and helps us to take them around without any pain. 
  3. Clutch Bags: They are short, handheld backpacks that are flawless for carrying small items such as your wallet, phone, and keys. They usually own a flap and that is what it makes helpful to keep your things secure. 
  4. Crossbody Bags: They are equal to shoulder bags but the best feature that you will find is that they have long straps and can be worn over the shoulder and you can remain stress-free. These bags are perfect for outings so that you can remain hand-free and do other chores easily. 
  5. Backpacks: They are bigger than the other types of handbags and they include 2 straps so that you can wear them comfortably on both shoulders. These types of bags are suitable for carrying items like textbooks or laptops. They can also be used as trolley bags. 
  6. Messenger Bags: They are bigger than shoulder packs and characterize one strap that reaches across the body. These types of bags are used by bikers or cyclists so that they can easily perform activities. 

Tips To Use Right Shoulder Bags

If you think that choosing types of handbags can be confusing then here are some tips that you can consider. 

  • The first thing that you need to consider is the purpose of getting the bag. Suppose you need to carry documents and files then a shoulder bag is the perfect option for you. And if you are just one to carry small items then a satchel is a good fit for you
  • Now you need to understand what your style is. Do you prefer a casual look or a polished appearance? For a casual one, you can choose a shoulder bag and for the polished one, you can go with a satchel bag so that it appears good on you. 
  • Another thing that you need to consider is what kind of material you will prefer such as canvas or leather. Going with the leather bag will give you a more sophisticated appearance. While choosing canvas means having a casual appearance. But that depends upon you what kind of look you prefer and give you a perfect look. 
  • Then you need to think about what you will be utilizing the bag for. Is it for Work? For Trolley? For school? For vacation? Once you are done with the choice you will be able to choose the best piece according to you. 
  • The next thing that you have to consider is the size of the bag. It is very essential. If you keep multiple things then you can go with the large bags and for keeping small things then you can go for a small bag. Make sure that you are measuring the bag carefully so that you can carry the perfect size for yourself. 
  • Another thing that matters is the color. It can relate to your style as well. Make sure that you are getting the best shades of handbags according to your outfit. I suggest you go with the nude shades as they are suitable for all different kinds of outfits.


As you can see, there are so many different types of bags for you. So, that you can pick according to your style. Fortunately, this guide includes all your problems and describes the various types of bags so that you can make the best choice. No matter if you have all of them or just for you you will be able to use the one according to the place you are going. 

The most challenging thing is to pick the perfect bag that you are comfortable to carry all around. but once you have decided then there will be no problem in the future. This time when you are going shopping you need to get the perfect bag for yourself so that you can get the perfect handbags for yourself. Just remember the tips and go for the right bag.

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