Living alone in an unknown city that I have recently just shifted to made me realise the importance of quite a few things in my life. When you finally get out of the nest that you have been comfortable with for years since you were born, things do change and they do get harder than you must have thought.

When I got my job offer, I was excited to shift to another city and the idea of living alone made me happy! One main thing that I learned after my 2 months here was the value of my friends and family. However, another lesson that I learned is something I never expected or even gave enough thought to. It is the value of not just cooking for yourself each day, but also having the right items to be able to do so.

Initially, I used to go to the nearest shopping mart and get all the basic groceries. Even though it exceeded my budget, I adjusted. However, after a while, I realised that the groceries sometimes expired, and sometimes they tasted stale! I decided to use the weekend to search for top-rated grocery stores nearby. After a lot of searching and researching, I came across Ocado. My mother has taught me to trust the reviews and ratings on Google since these are the customers who have experienced the brand and are now writing about it. Ocado had amazing reviews and everyone had given it a 5-star rating!

However, there were still some things I had to figure out. I was almost sure that I would not have the time to go out every week and purchase from an offline store. However, when I searched for the brand, I realised that Ocado is an online store and it delivers at your doorstep! The first time that I purchased groceries from them, it was so fresh that it felt like this is a proper meal that I have eaten in months. The online store became my go-to for even the smallest of grocery needs and when I used to have the time to cook, I used to end up spending all my savings at the Ocado website!

What set them apart was not that they always had all grocery items in stock or that their products were of top quality. Another feature they had was that their collection and the variety of groceries were such that they could not be found in most online stores. Moreover, their online customer service support department is highly efficient and delivers solutions on time.

If you are someone who is living alone or is soon going to have to learn to be independent, I would recommend Ocado to you. Anyone who has daily grocery requirements should try this brand out.