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Ecommerce Shopping

Since I come from an upper-middle-class family, online shopping is not too common or even frequent in the lifestyle that we live. People around us have insecurities about product quality, originality, and ultimately being scammed when it comes to matters of money. Most online stores require us to make the payment before receiving our order and that leads to a lot of uncertainty. 

I feel that stores like Macy’s can serve us best when it comes to such concerns about online shopping. All their terms and conditions specially designed for the customers along with great customer service have made it easy to shop online. Earlier when online shopping was just introduced and people were just starting to use it, all of us feared high prices. We also thought that quality would not be the same. However, time and experiences indeed teach us everything.

Now, let us talk about something that is a common purchase for all of us – groceries. Grocery shopping reminds me of just one online store – Morrisons. No matter how we handle our household or who takes care of all the daily chores, one thing common among all our households is the routine requirement of groceries. While everyone talks about the economy and the lockdown during the pandemic, no one mentions the problems we had to face when we could not go out and buy essential grocery items.

During the pandemic, I discovered Morrisons. I call this online store a life saviour since it helped me with all my grocery-related needs throughout the last few years. My mother loved the quality and the features of the store so much that we are using Morrisons to date!

While we used to order groceries from our local store during the pandemic, there was a day when the shop was closed. When we realised the store was going to be closed for a week, all of us were in shock. Living in a joint family, we needed groceries and had no solution.

Before my mother could lose her cool, our dad showed us the online website of Morrisons. Our father told us how one of his cousins had recently shifted to another city for work purposes and was having a hard time ordering good-quality groceries. His cousin had started using Morrisons and could guarantee the top-notch quality and timely delivery of the store!

While my mother had little to no hope of receiving groceries on time, Morrisons both surprised and impressed us with their speedy delivery just the next morning! Since my mother loves to cook and is a critic, it was the first time that I had heard her praise the quality and quantity of the items received from Morrisons.

When we ordered from the store for a second time, my grandmother was impressed by the variety of fruits and vegetables they offered. Morrisons had availability of products that are mostly out of stock in other stores.

Another feature that my mother was very impressed with was how the store mentioned the prices of each item per kilogram. I remember how with other stores, I had to spend hours trying to calculate and figure out this price for my mother! I noticed that with Morrisons, we saved so much time when it came to ordering.

Finally, my brother is currently on a break from his diet and every day is a cheat day for him! These days, every time I see him on his phone, he is ordering some chips and cold drinks from Morrisons and he says that what he loves are their affordable rates and wide variety!

 When it comes to modes of payment, I mostly prefer cash on delivery. However, most offers and deals mostly do not support this method of payment. To trust any store, I have come up with a process to readily pay beforehand before the fear of getting scammed. I always check the authenticity of the sites with the help of security checker tools taken from AppSumo
Whenever I make the payment before I receive my ordered product, I go through having mixed feelings and anxiety about whether my order will even be like it is shown in the picture or whether there is even a slight chance of being scammed. However, this has never happened to me. I have always been fully satisfied with the purchase and even annual plans on platforms like Hostinger are great to go with especially when we are looking to learn website building along with SEO and google AdWord techniques.
I was afraid to tell my Mom about my love for online shopping. However, when she came to visit me from her hometown and complimented my crockery set, I had no option but to tell her where I bought it from. She asked to see the online store and so I directed her to Buyagift.  Even though she was initially a little angry and apprehensive, she likes the idea of receiving orders from the comfort of her house.

My graduation farewell was around the corner and I was stressing out as I didn’t have anything to wear. I went through so many stores and websites but couldn’t find one dress for the day. Then my sister showed me Joules and to my surprise, there were numerous options to choose from.

My happiness was at the next level after knowing that I finally found a place not only for a dress for my farewell party but also for other occasions. I have been using Joules for months now and not even once faced any difficulty regarding anything. Joules has become my favorite spot for casual wear as well as party wear. The textile quality is amazing and I always gets products with ongoing discount deals on many products. With Joules, I can easily browse through hundreds of items that too from my comfort zone.

About payments methods I mostly prefer Cash on deliveries but offers and deals  mostly does not support COD so I pays beforehand only after checking the authenticity of the sites with the help of security checker tools taken from AppSumo and by god grace I have never  faced any issue regarding to payment till date.

A virtual private network service that is designed for business and individual use. It is compatible with a variety of devices and has a user-friendly interface. It includes features such as split tunneling, 256-bit encryption, and anonymous payment. It ensures to not have any login history including IP address, and connection timestamps. It can easily be configured on your router for the protection of all your devices. It is known for providing fast connectivity and speed. With 160 global server locations, you can enjoy a smooth internet connection safely. The threat manager feature blocks applications and sites from communicating with third parties. Being a consumer-focused service, it comes with 24-hour customer support.


I have been always so picky when it comes to clothes and accessories. Be it the daily wear for college or a chic dress for an outing, I used to spend hours browsing through stores to find the ideal outfit. Then one day I stumbled upon Hello Molly while surfing through the internet and voila! It has become my favourite place to shop for all my clothes and accessories. Ever since I started using Hello Molly, my outfits have become a hot topic among my friends. All of my friends are in awe of me ever since I introduced them to Hello Molly.

Hello Molly also came to my rescue when I wanted to do something special for my mom’s 50th birthday. I looked through so many options but no gift seemed enough. When I had a look at the new collection at Hello Molly, I knew my mom would love their accessories and variety of footwear. Unlike the conventional present-giving customs, I decided to gift her a little bit of everything from Hello Molly. Starting with sunglasses and jewellery, and ending with a dress for her birthday party and finally a nightwear gown after a long day, all I had to do was browse just one online store and waste no time! I also bought her a chic handbag from Hello Molly to keep all of her presents in! The best part was that the store gave me a discount and gift card for purchasing a variety of items from them in one go. I love that Hello Molly has become my go-to store now and that it can be used to gift my loved ones too!


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